• PokerStars hasn’t become the #1 poker room by offering a poor product or customer service. Since launching PokerStars in 2000 the company has grown into the biggest online poker site in the world with an average of 25K/30K real money players online at all times.

    1. PokerStars Reputation & Reliability
    2. Nobody wants to join an online poker room with a poor reputation. You want to know that your money is safe and that withdrawals will be processed as fast as possible. PokerStars has paid out players for over a decade and in the time specified on their website.

      When you know that you’re going to be paid out quickly you don’t have any concerns about funding your account. I have personally played with PokerStars for over five years now and rarely ever play elsewhere unless the poker site is running a promotion I like.

    3. PokerStars Game Selection
    4. There are nearly 20 unique poker games available to play on the software with real money although the majority of the games have extremely limited traffic. However, favorites like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Seven Card Stud always have low stakes games running.

      PokerStars has the most active high stakes action now. There are $1K/$2K FL Holdem games, $200/$400 NL Holdem and $200/$400 PL Omaha. If you’re looking to play micro stakes ring table games you won’t find anything lower than the $0.01/$0.02 tables.

      The tournament selection is massive as well due to the large amount of active players at PokerStars. There is big guaranteed prize pool events everyday of the week. If you want to try to win six figures you have to play in the weekly Sunday Million ($1M GTD).

      Special features such as Zoom Poker (Fast-Fold Variant) and Home Games make PokerStars a complete poker room when it comes to the game selection they provide. PokerStars also has an extremely popular play money platform where you can improve your game.

    5. PokerStars Software Features
    6. Have you ever played on a small poker network and dealt with limited features and excessive lag? I’ve experienced that problem in the past and that’s one of the main reasons why I prefer PokerStars over the rest of the competition. Their software is the best.

      First off, the software is available in a lot of languages to cater to the large international player pool at PokerStars. Most of the small poker networks are available in English only. PokerStars also has a wider range of software features than other competitors.

      PokerStars has an instant hand replayer, ability to find your preferred poker game in one click, hotkeys to make playing easier, table themes, custom avatars that you can upload on your own, timed tournaments, run it twice on select tables and much more.

    7. PokerStars Rewards
    8. The $600 sign-up bonus and most of the promotions are fairly standard at PokerStars, but they make up for that with one of the best rewards programs. PokerStars doesn’t offer “rakeback” like most poker sites, but their VIP program can earn you more if active.

      It’s possible to earn close to 80% rakeback between the cash rewards, milestone bonuses and VIP bonuses at PokerStars. You won’t earn much initially, but as you move closer to the Supernova VIP level you start to earn more than you would at other poker rooms.

  • There are two traps that can cause hindrance to your winning streaks in poker, and if you can avoid these two traps then you may become an ace player. You therefore need to know the ways in which you can avoid falling into these traps in poker.


    Bad beats or bad stakes: These traps can be said to be almost unavoidable; you willhardly find any players who have not fallen into such traps once or twice. You might get outdrawn in few pots in one row or you can have terrible bad beats in the river. The tendency becomes after facing such beats is to play vigorously with the single aim of getting back all the money that you have lost in the games. Even the most experienced players tend to do such mistakes many times and it is the biggest trap to fall into because this does not happen often. You might become lucky and get back your money but then there are times when while playing in this mood and wanting to win money can be really a foolish tactic. Impatience would make you prone to mistakes while the other players would play tightly. In the end you might end up losing more and more money. There are ways in which you can stop yourself from losing more money and these are:


    1) Stopping the play for some time: It might be a hard one to do but it can be very effective and it is very effective often. If you wait for some time and play then you would get back your composure and you can play with clear mind also. When you play with the clear mind then you would not commit mistakes that you might commit when you are impatient and there are chances that you would get your money back.

    2) Playing the low no limit tables: Those of you who would find it impossible to stop playing for a while for them it is better to try out this option. When you enter the lower stakes instead of higher stakes then even if you lose some games that would not affect you so badly. If you can win some games then it is even better. You would gain the confidence in your game and you would be able to try your hands at higher stakes again.


    Boredom: You might find this to be strange but it is often seen that you might lose and fall into traps just because your mind has become bored of playing constantly. You might want to continue with playing and winning but your mind would become tired playing constantly and that is the time when you start losing and falling into traps by other players. Thus it is even more dangerous than a bad beat. To avoid this situation and gain control of your mind again you should follow these tips:


    1) Take a break from the game: You can only be at your best when your mind feels like playing again and to make that happen you would need to give your mind rest for some time. So stop playing the games and instead read books or listen to music or pursue your hobbies.

    2) Withdraw money: If you are still continuing with the games then use less money and tell yourself that you must restrict yourself to small amounts until your mind is again ready to take more dangerous stakes. It would help you a lot.


  • Radio is the telegraphing of sounds thru electromagnetic waves. It was originally called a wireless telegraphy. The radio itself was built by various inventors and developed over time into what we know it today as. Contributors include Thomas Edison, Nicolai Tessla, Guglielmo Marconi, Oliver Lodge and Alexander Muirhead, and the Westinghouse engineers who developed the vacuum tube. The first transmission was done by Reginald Fressenden of Massachusetts on Christmas Eve 1906. Ships on the ocean heard him playing “O Holy Night” on his violin and reading several passages of the Bible. The first news program was broadcast by 8MK of Detroit, Michigan in 1920.

    Radio was the start of what we now know as wireless communication. Radio waves were used for morse code transmission during war times, as well as for passing diplomatic messages between world leaders. Prior to the invention of television, radio was the first form of wireless entertainment and information for the public. Currently, satellite radio is being utilized with the digital signals being sent via satellite rather than earth based stations. This would allow a listener to go across a country and listen to one station. This works well for those countries which use an earth or terrestrial station type of broadcasting, such as the United States, where radio programming is extremely unique localization. Satellite radio is useful for business settings and also for those who commute, such as truck drivers. Internet radio is also in development where the programming is extremely personalized in that a person can listen to exactly what he wants to hear when he wants to hear it.

    Early on, radio took on the form of information and entertainment with news, sports, music, dramas, game shows and variety programs. The first soap operas were broadcast in the 1930’s on the radio. The 1950’s changed all that with BBC handling most of the programming. The BBC changed the format to what it is now currently at with music, news, interviews, and sports. Dramas were once a big part of radio however, with the advent of television, drama was moved to the screen. Television changed society in that where once people came together to listen to the radio for their entertainment, it switched over to watching a screen. Radio became common and programming had to change to allow for television consumption. Radio became more for background noise or for activities that could not be done at the same time as watching a television program.

    For developing nations, radio is still considered important as television and computers are luxury items in these parts of the world that lack technology. Radio is less expensive and more readily available since infrastructure is needed for television and for internet. In developing nations, radio programming would be simpler to arrange and organize.

    It has been 100 years since the start of radio but it is a technology that won’t disappear anytime soon. Many continue to listen to radio, in whatever format most convenient. Radio will change over time as it did in the past but it will adapt to the users and to the external technologies available.

  • TV and radio can be enjoyed virtually anywhere on the planet with numerous devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and computers. Both radio and TV have changed over the years, but, over the past decade, are seeing more drastic changes. That being said, it is hard to imagine how much more TV and radio can grow and what their future can hold, or even if they have a future. Although it is impossible to predict the overall future of all TV and radio, here is what is right on the horizon for both TV and radio.

    Radio is an endangered form of entertainment if you go by the standard definition. When picturing a radio, we see it as a small device used for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves that are specifically meant for sound carriers. These forms of radios are now only frequently seen in cars and on alarm clocks. Mostly because of the satellite radio, but also affected by the every growing usage of MP3 players and many more devices.

    Traditional radio may be dying but its concept does not. Podcast focused around introducing new music and talk shows often found on radio stations are one thing replacing traditional radio stations. Another is online radio, which is not technically radio, but functions the same way, offering a variety of shows, music styles, and of course bombarded with commercials. So although radio seems like it may be gone forever, it is just evolving as our very own society does.

    TV is also endangered if you think of it in traditional terms. Television broadcasting has been slowing being put to death for years. Television sets are not even made for broadcasting like the old tube sets were. Although, moving into the future is not a bad thing television has a lot of exciting aspects being added on as it is modernized. Television is already being successfully combined with the internet; this is shown by websites that host legal streaming of major television shows for a monthly fee. However, popular video sites that offer free uploading and streaming, like YouTube, may be replacing public television, offering a free alternative for the new forms of television. Integrating in social media sites and gaming into television is not that far off in the future either.

    Technology is guiding society into a new era of entertainment. Many options are available now including different television models, game consuls, radios, MP3 players, internet radio and television, mobile phones and more. It is no surprise that traditional radio and television forms are slowing being replaced by newer ones. Aspects of traditional radio stations will survive in online radio hosting; however memories of channel searching are probably all that will be left. Television is getting major upgrades all of the time. Such as streaming television instead of satellite dishes for televisions. An entertainment renaissance is being started because the effects of technology, traditional forms of radio and television broadcasting will not be the only things that are changed into new products.

  • Television was invented in the early 1900’s and was made commercially available in the 1920’s. A television is an electronic device in which moving pictures are transmitted via digital signal. Early television was in black and white and was broadcast via analog signal but advance developments are such that now television is very much a personalized form of entertainment. Television now can be broadcast via internet so the range of programming is very diverse, taken from all around the globe.

    Marshall McLuhan, an English and Communications professor, once wrote a book in the 1960’s about the future of communications, on television and the advent of the world wide web (30 years before its invention). He wrote that the most important thing was that the “Medium is the Message”, meaning that what is important is not the content of the television but the television itself. The content, whether it is a children’s program or a news show on a war, although obvious, should not be the message. The social changes that the television brings about is really the overriding factor. That any new technology, over time, changes what society does as a whole. And in the case of television and the internet, it caused society as we know it to become a “global village”. McLuhan coined the phrase “a global village” referring to the diversity of the world into becoming one village with the same ideas and values.

    And this is what television has done. Programming can make what is not a normal item in one country into something that is normal. It can change attitudes and values of a population. It can make one specific brand from one country into the most wanted item in another country. Television itself has become all powerful as a medium of communication to the world. It turned the world into a global village.

    Criminals probably have a much more in-depth look at police procedures after the advent of crime shows such as CSI and other forensics programming. In the past, the ways of catching criminals probably were not that known. Now, with so many of the programs explaining the technology of crime solving, it would make it easier for a criminal to use that information to his benefit.

    What about the infomercials with its glut of selling odd appliances and exercise equipment? If seen often enough, they become commonplace and every home will need a vacuuming disc. Television makes the unusual become something normal. Certain things cease to be unique or amazing. It can make change one society’s attitude, whether it be good or bad. It can make that same society become similar in its materialistic values to another. It makes the world similar and eradicates the differences, which in itself can be good as well as bad. Good in that we can understand each other better but bad, in that we lose those differences that make a culture unique. And different cultures is what makes all of us unique.

  • Little did we know how radio and television broadcasting have evolved in years since their invention a little more than a century ago. The world saw its first radio broadcast in 1906 and the first public regular television broadcast in 1936 as initiated by British Broadcasting Company (BBC).

    The first experimentation of electronic broadcasting was conducted in the closing years of the 19th century. This was the time when experiments were made leading to the development of radio and television broadcasting that we know today.

    Our present generation knows only of three electronic media broadcasting namely: radio, television and webcasting. But we only have a little knowledge of the method of broadcasting prior to the development of radio and television receivers in the 1920s and 1930s respectively.

    Did you know that the oldest form of electronic broadcasting in the world was telephone broadcasting? Yes, there existed a dedicated system for telephone broadcasting before the world saw its first commercial radio broadcasting using radio receivers in 1920. The first telephone broadcasting began in 1881 when French inventor Clement Ader introduced the Theatrophone system.

    In a telephone broadcasting, a subscriber was able to listen to live opera and theatre performances through the use of Theatrophone system. It was a system where a person could listen over telephone lines a live broadcast of opera and theatre and nothing more. This may sound hilarious today but the system was already a technological advancement of the conventional telephony system during that time.

    The telephone broadcasting continued to grow and included newspapers and entertainment services in 1890s. The subscriber base also grew as the 19th century drew to a close. The telephone-based broadcasting services were primarily found in major European cities.

    The first audio radio broadcast began in 1906 when Reginald Fessenden from Brant Rock, Massachusetts performed an experiment using a rotating machine, known as Alexanderson alternator, and rotary spark-gap transmitter. Several test broadcasts followed with improved transmission signals until in August 1920 when radio station WWJ in Detroit received its license to operate commercial radio broadcasting.

    Although test broadcasts were conducted in the early years of the 20th century, commercial television broadcasting was not available until 1930s. The world’s first scheduled television service was in the United States in1928 when electromechanical television sets were already commercially available.

    Cable radio broadcasting was already available in 1928 while cable television (cable TV) was introduced in 1932. The cable technology used a coaxial cable to transmit radio signals either through radio or television medium. The programs available via this technology are offered via subscription.

    The introduction of digital terrestrial television is a major improvement in television broadcasting technology. The technology uses a conventional aerial antenna instead of satellite or cable television connection. The primary purpose of digital terrestrial broadcast is a reduced used of spectrum but hold more capacity. This leads to the production and increasing availability of HDTV sets in the market today.

    The switching from analog broadcasting to digital terrestrial television broadcasting has been implemented as early as 2001 in some countries. Other countries adopted the technology rather late while other countries such as India and Indonesia are not adopting at all. Most Western and Northern European television stations are now in full digital terrestrial television broadcasting.

  • A popular game worldwide, poker now has many variations, most popular of which are Omaha Poker, Texas Hold’em, 5 Card Draw and Mexican Stud. Of these, the rules governing Omaha Poker are easy to follow but it is very difficult to win this game. Newbie players usually think that Omaha Poker is easier to play than other variants of this game. However, seasoned players believe that there are many similarities between Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em.

    Similarities: However, there are many similarities between these two games.

    § Here, players must make a five-card poker suit from the community cards and the pocket cards. This game is played with a deck of five cards. Usually, 10 people play Omaha poker.

    § The aim of Omaha Poker is to put together the best five-card hand from all available cards. So, both games find their winners based on a five-hand suit. Winning hands are also found from the flops on the community board with five cards. Texas Hold’em players choose any five cards from their hands and the boards, but Omaha Poker players count hands based on two that they hold and three from the board.

    § Omaha Poker players hold four cards while Texas Hold’em players hold only two cards in their hands.

    § Texas Hold’em allows its players to play not just the board but also one of their hole cards or both hole cards. Often, Omaha Poker players will use a little of Texas Hold’em strategy while playing the former game. You could misread a hand by doing this, but this is natural, so don’t fret over it.

    § As described earlier, Texas Hold’em allows each player to hold just two cards, so it’s not surprising to see players having raises in position. So, when everyone else folds, they could well get the pot. However, in Omaha Poker, everyone expects flops since they have more four-card combinations.

    § Omaha Poker players usually find it extremely difficult to guess their opponents’ bets and so indulge in a lot of bluffing.

    § The margins are usually small in Texas Hold’em and winning players can make good winning hands by making these small margins. However, in Omaha Poker, the margins are huge, leading to correspondingly high profits. Omaha Poker players don’t usually wait for small margins but for plum positions brought about by large margins.

    § If one compares the number of games both played by both these variants of poker, Texas Hold’em will score a lead over Omaha Poker. But in winnings, Omaha Poker scores higher than Hold’em and fetches more money.

    § Omaha Poker is a much slower-paced game, as compared to Texas Hold’em. Due to its fast pace and small margins, Hold’em is more popular than Omaha Poker.

    § Average players play Omaha Poker and if you’re good at playing poker games in general, you can easily beat your opponents. However, Omaha Poker’s strategy is unique to it alone and will not be applicable to a game of Texas Holdem.

  • Online poker is one of the most popular games online today. These games are also known as virtual poker and a large number of players enjoy playing online poker at Poker Stars due to the various advantages offered to players by these games.

    Benefits of Online Poker

    There are several benefits offered by online poker, which are as listed below:

    Convenience: one of the biggest benefits of playing poker online is the convenience that they offer. The traditional concept of poker along with the convenience of the internet has changed things tremendously in the last few years. The best thing about these games is that fulltiltpoker players can play them from anywhere as long as they have a computer and access to internet. They do not need anything else in order to enjoy these games.

    Variety- another big benefit of playing poker online is the variety offered today by online casinos. There are several different websites which provide several different types of poker games to players. At every portal there are chances of finding new poker games which have different prizes and features. This allows players a chance to find a game which is suited to their likes and dislikes.

    Ease of play- most online casinos today are very easy to play and almost all poker games have the same rules, whether they are at a land based casino or online. Also, in case any player is trying out these games online, there are instructions available which can be referred to in order to understand the game. The interfaces are all user friendly and can be used even by novices.

    Time- online casinos are all internet based which makes them available 24/7. Players can sit and play poker anytime they want as per their convenience. They no longer have to operate according to the timings of a land based casino.

    Jackpots- quite a lot of players are attracted to online poker because the jackpots which are offered by these casinos are higher than land based casinos. Online casinos do have large operating costs to bear because of which they can afford to offer better odds and payouts along with jackpots to the Party Poker.com players. It is possible for players to win millions of dollars playing poker online. This is a very attractive feature for players.

    Free Bonuses: Free bonuses given out to new players who sign up at online casinos for playing poker are very attractive. These bonuses could be signing up bonuses, free spins or in any other form. The amount which is deposited by the player would be matched up by the online casino in the form of bonus.

    There are plenty of benefits of playing poker online. However, if you plan to sign up at a casino, you would have to be careful and ensure that you are protected from frauds and scams. Always select a casino which is reputable and do not provide any personal information unless you are sure that it would not be misused by the casino.

  • Winning at online poker requires many things from players. Being able to execute on these things varies in difficulty from quite easy to quite challenging, depending on what it is that you are trying to do. There are, however, a large number of things that are very easy that you can do to help increase your ability to win at internet poker. While knowing how to do these things will not make you Phil Ivey, they will help you to win consistently at poker.

    The first thing that you have to be able to do is you have to be able to fold. You cannot win at poker if you do not know when to fold. Folding is the single most important aspect of poker. The simple fact is that you are going to fold many more hands than you are going to play and playing only the hands you should be playing and folding all of the hands that you should not be playing is required. If you are unsure about whether or not you should fold your hand, you should just fold it. You lose nothing when you fold your hand except the possibility of profit, but you can lose a lot if you do not fold a hand that should have been folded.

    The next thing you must be able to do in order to win on PokerStars is you must be able to control your emotions and be able to step away from the computer when necessary. Emotion is the enemy to logic. It is true for stock traders, presidents, and poker players. Anyone who needs to make decisions based on facts needs to be able to put their emotions to the side and make the decision based on the information that is sitting in front of them and not what the feel inside. Also, you need to be able to recognize when you cannot put your emotions aside and have the intellectual fortitude to step away and take a break.

    Finally, you need to take what you can get when you can get it. Not every hand is going to be good, obviously, but when you do get gifted with something that you can work with you need to work with it. Getting a good hand and not extracting money from other players with it is a hand that goes to waste. You will not be losing money if you throw it away (not usually) but you will not be winning money either and that is the goal. If you are dealt a little gift, enjoy the gift and use it.

    Being able to win at poker is not difficult; it just requires certain skills from players. Every player who wins consistently has learned and mastered many of the skills that are required and as you get better, you will master more and more.

  • If you’ve read the rules to razz poker and you’re interested in playing the game then you’ll want to make sure you go through our strategy guide. Razz poker has been gaining more and more players over the past five years and you can now find razz games readily available online. As a new player there are certain skills and information that you need to learn in order to have a chance against your competition. We’re going to teach you what starting hands you should play as well as some other great razz poker tips and strategy.

    * The first thing you need to learn before sitting down to play razz poker is what starting hands to play. There really aren’t that many good starting hands to play in razz, so if you like action this isn’t the best game for you. You should raise the pot whenever your first three cards are six or less and remember that aces are low. You can also play hands when you have three cards under 8-9, but only if at least two cards are under 4. Playing hands when you have only two low cards isn’t really a good idea and will most likely cost you money.

    * When you play razz you want to make sure you’re aggressive when you have a hand and conservative when you have nothing. There are going to be opportunities to steal some pots away from your opponents and you’ll want to take advantage of them, but don’t be too crazy when you have nothing. Razz is about winning a few good pots during each session and the less you waste in between your good hands, the better off you’ll be.

    * Just like when you’re playing seven card stud on PokerStars, in razz you’re able to see some of your opponent’s cards. Since you can see some of your opponent’s cards you’ll be able to determine when the ideal time to bluff is. You will also have an idea about when you need to fold your hand. A lot of new players in razz have no idea when they should fold and they chase hands they have no business being in. Make sure you follow the starting hand guide above strictly when you first start playing.

    * It’s important that you follow your table very closely when you play razz for several reasons. You need to determine which players are weak and which players are loose so you can set-up your bluffs accordingly. You also need to watch out for what people fold in case it’s a card that you needed. For instance, if you have an A-3-5-6-9 you’re obviously going to want to get a 2 or 4 to make your hand better. If all of the 2 and 4 are already dealt out to other players though then you obviously have no chance of improving your hand since pairs don’t help you.

    Razz isn’t the most entertaining FullTilt poker game to play, but if you sit at the table and use the strategy above you’ll walk out with profits most of the time. As long as you can win a few big pots every session and avoid making mistakes when you don’t have a hand you’ll do fine.

  • The fact is most people around the world have a computer and internet connection and with the rise of online activity gambling was a sector that took off. Over the past decade or so roughly online poker has made its mark on the world and millions of people have played online poker at sites like PlaySolidPoker.com. There are certain benefits of playing online poker over playing live poker in a club or casino and that’s what we’re going to spend some time looking at today.

    * The best thing about online poker which has drawn in many players is the convenience of playing poker on the internet. You can have your account set-up and ready with money within minutes and with such ease of access a lot of people tend to just play at home rather then traveling to a casino to play. One thing that could backfire about the ease of depositing money into your poker account is that some players don’t know when to stop if they’re losing. Make sure you always can afford the money you’re using for poker and never dig into debt to play.

    * FullTiltPoker.net is a much faster game then live poker and you’ll be able to play a lot more hands online then you can at a live poker game. The reason is really simple and it’s that chips are automatically counted and distributed plus cards are automatically dealt and shuffled. This means you can play more hands per hour online then at a casino so if you like playing and not waiting around then online is the way to go.

    * If you’re a new player to FullTiltPoker.com you don’t need to worry about giving away any tells by your posture or speech online. The same goes for players who always shake when they have a hand. All of these tells used on a live poker table can’t be used online due to the simple fact that nobody can see or what you’re doing.

    * You can stop playing whenever you want and you also have a better selection of tables to choose from. This helps you out if you’re losing on a certain FullTiltPoker.com table because you’ll be able to change tables easily and try your luck there. At most casinos there are only a couple tables usually open per stake level so you don’t have many options of moving tables.

    * Most live poker games have regulars who play everyday and thus start to learn how certain players play poker. Online you don’t need to worry about playing the same person over and over again and therefore you don’t need to worry about any of your opponents learning your playing style over time.

    * Action is generally much looser at FullTiltPoker then live poker and players aren’t scared to push around and make large pots. I would recommend online poker offering the bigger potential of winning big money then any casino can due to the betting patterns I’ve seen over the years in online poker rooms and live casinos.

  • Most online poker rooms such as PokerStars.com offer different tournament structures and one of the popular structures used online is the rebuy poker tournament. In a rebuy online poker tournament, the players are allowed to rebuy chips if they lose all of there chips, but usually only for the first hour of the tournament. There are some benefits and negatives of playing in rebuy tournaments and we’re going to spend some time looking at those so you can decide if this poker tournament structure works out for you.


    * During the rebuy period of the tournament you don’t need to worry about losing on a bad beat because you can just buy more chips if you lose. The worst feeling is losing on a bad beat when you should have won the pot in any type of poker tournament at BigEdgePoker.com, but in most you can’t rebuy into the event like you can in a rebuy tournament.

    * Generally in a rebuy tournament there will be more rebuys then actual players registered for the event and this is common. The benefit of this is that the prize pool is going to be 2-3X the normal size of the prize pool for the size of tournament you’re playing. This means you have the same chance of winning whether it was a normal tournament or rebuy tournament, but the money you can win will be much larger in a rebuy event.

    * In the early stage of the tournament when a lot of the players are rebuying you can find a lot of fish to help build your stack. If you notice that a player is going all-in a lot then you should try to trap them into a hand and take there stack. Keep bullying the player until they decide not to rebuy or until they can’t rebuy anymore. You should be able to increase your chip stack early in a rebuy tournament if you play your cards right.


    * Rebuy tournaments at PokerStars are going to take longer to finish then any other type of tournament with the same amount of players and this is simply because the players can rebuy chips in the beginning instead of being eliminated. If you know you don’t have the time to play patiently then don’t even bother entering the tournament because you’ll just be donating to another player.

    * Since players can rebuy the players without much skill and huge wallets will be able to buy themselves deep into the tournament. Now this is a con because if you get beat on a bad beat from this player down the road in the tournament you’re going to wish he wasn’t allowed to rebuy earlier.

    * When you’re trying to adapt to your opponents in a rebuy tournament it can take an hour or two depending on how long the rebuy period is to see how your opponents are playing. Most play differently during the rebuy period because they can rebuy so you won’t be able to tell who is strong and weak until after the rebuy period has ended.

  • How does mass media affect a society? In the case of television and radio, early developments in the 1900’s changed the slow pace of the population. Print at that time was the form of communication and very much localized to each city with its own newspapers and writers, therefore, the values and attitudes of the citizens remained very provincial. The onset of television and radio changed it with its wider audience and much faster methods of spreading information and programming.

    Radio developed first in the 1920’s with television coming into more widespread use in the 1940’s and 50’s. Each brought about much change and there have been debates on the programming of both mediums. Marshall McLuhan, an English and Communications professor, in his book about mass media wrote about the consequences of television and other forms of communications. His quote the “Medium is the Message”, explained his thoughts that the content was really meaningless but that the television or radio itself is what was important. That it was the societal changes of the medium itself that was relevant. The use of the technology would alter society’s ideas and values and that the world would become a “global village”.

    And it is true in this respect. Cultural values and lifestyle have changed over time by use of television, radio and internet. What was once closed societies, with its own ways of living and thinking, is now more generic. Lifestyles in one part of the world become similar to those in another part of the world. By being bombarded with images, what was once abnormal, becomes the norm. And it’s not just lifestyles, it is attitudes and morals that change. So in one way, it may change people’s opinions for the better, but in another, it may impact the social system of a whole population.

    Where else can you see this change? In fashion, people use to wear variations of their national dress. More and more, people all over the world use the same exact pieces of clothing. Due to seeing it on television, the dress code is blue jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Even the brand names are starting to be commonplace. What is popular in one country can be the trend everywhere else. In speech patterns, sounds are starting to be similar. And yes, with English being more and more spoken by the rest of the world, the American slang words as well as the American accents are being adapted. In time references, people work television or radio into their lives by working around their favorite programs. People get up in the morning and flip on the news. People get home from work and flip on music or a sit-com. And in information, what once was specialized knowledge has become normal everyday knowledge. The normal child probably knows more about life in general than did an adult 100 years ago. Information has become readily available to everyone at any time. And that is also part of mass media today, that it is there and you can get it at any time.

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